Freedom From Fear

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Release Those Fears – To Create Your Freedom

Our fears can be real and of many layers, built up over the years. Maybe they have stemmed from childhood, through trauma or just acquired through life happenings.

It could be a small fear, that grew to a larger fear due to not dealing with it. It could be a fear of an animal, insect or person. A fear of doing, being or feeling.

The real problem comes when a combination of different fears have become so built up they end up paralysing us into not actually moving forward.

I have been exploring different ways of dealing with my own fears, through Crystal Healing, Reiki and Meditation. You may find they help you too if you feel you want to ‘open’ those doors.

My own fears have many layers and many women may have similar:-

Fear Of Failing

  • as a mother (my first baby was stillborn; the fear of when I had to give birth to her. The fear when your child is seriously ill and not being able to make them well)
  • in relationships (two marriages)
  • in business (did I create a balance of family and work, could I have handled situations better )

Fear of A Person/Persons

  • Afraid to say how I really felt
  • Afraid of upsetting or making them angry, fear of their threats
  • Accepting, instead of saying ‘No’

Fear of Starting Over

  • Earning enough money to pay the rent/bills, doubting your abilities
  • Of family & friends opinions
  • Not having the energy or willpower to keep trying, as you feel it will only be taken from you

Returning Full Circle to that Fear of Failing

In order to move forward into the new year, I need to release those fears & you may too!

To help me further I went to a Winter Solstice Earth Celebration evening on Friday which is all about celebrating the return of the light and your own emergence into the active phase of the new year. The rebirth of the Sun’s active cycle, and connecting with the healing energies of nature.

It is a time of birthing our visions, naming our dreams so that we can assist their manifestation, and ridding ourselves of our negative or unwanted feelings. It was a lovely evening of raising our vibrations through music, meditation and a candlelight procession.

Release those fears

Today I burn my negative feelings that I wrote down during the course of the evening and look towards new beginnings.

If you get chance to attend a similar celebration next year then do go along. We will have the Summer Solstice to look forward to in June ’19, which marks the longest day of the calendar year and the beginning of our summer.

Look at your own fears and see if they are holding you back from achieving your goals or dreams.

Address the small fears before they become bigger fears.

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