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Make A Christmas Wreath With A Little ‘Spiritual Uplift’

I spent a lovely day learning how to make a Christmas Wreath.  The workshop was with lorraine tricksey  who explained the meaning of the wreath.

‘A wreath can symbolise the turning wheel of the year.  A never-ending circle of life, passing through darkness back into the light.  From Winter to Spring.  Evergreens are often used as they survive the cold winters and darker days. Symbolising the unending circle of life and rotation of seasons.  The reassurance of the return of the sun’ 

What a beautiful explanation.  Lorraine had gathered all the greenery before the workshop.  She explained how important it is when sourcing/foraging the materials from the countryside, that you only take what you need.  To be respectful of leaving behind plants that look scarce or need replenishing.

Steps To Making A Christmas Wreath

  1. Lay the moss over a round wireframe (25 cm) attaching with florist wire, using a wrapping action. You could repeat this step if you want it quite thick and padded.

2. Add the next layer of fir branches, overlapping each section and binding with the wire.

Binding with wire
Decorate with leaves, berries, dried seed heads

3. You can decorate your wreath in any medium but we used natural products.  Holly, ivy, greenery,  dried orange & lemon slices, dried hydrangea flowers, poppy seed heads, pine cones, conkers, and ribbon.  The fresh foliage smells great.

4.  Attach all the items individually or group together using the wire thread and twist into the wreath.

5.  Keep adding until you get a full, balanced shape you like.

6.  I lightly sprayed my wreath with a silver glitter spray which just added a touch of sparkle.  You could use gold or coloured spray instead.

7.  I finished off with a wired Silver Ribbon Bow and a few tiny silver fir cones. Tie a piece of wire around the top of the wreath to use to hang it up or you could just place it on a table with candles, as a centrepiece.

8. To keep a Christmas Wreath fresh spray regularly with water.  You could also add an essential oil like Cinnamon to the water to give it that ‘Christmassy’ smell.

9.  Finish off with a nice glass of mulled wine and a warm mince pie!

My Finished Wreath!

Book onto a Workshop like Lorraine’s or to make your own. I’ve listed some items you might need:

  1. Wire Wreath frame
  2. Florist wire
  3. Fresh Foliage:- Holly, Ivy, Fir branches, and greenery,
  4. Dried Fruit:- orange & lemon slices, cinnamon sticks
  5. Dried Flowers:- Hydrangea heads, poppy seed heads,  Pinecones, conkers.
  6. Wired Ribbon
  7. Feathers, crystals
  8. Silver, gold spray paint

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