Hazy Days Ahead – History In The Making

Hazy Days Ahead

Knocked Off Track

So we have all entered into unknown territory! Lives are being turned upside down with no conclusive end in sight and the whole world has been given a shakeup!

I think we are all left wondering at the moment how our foreseeable futures are going to pan out as this coronavirus takes hold of our routines, work, relationships, and activities. Even if the virus clears up over the next 3/4 months the economy will take a very long time to recover. I am sure there will be many long-lasting effects.


So I started my course this week in the first stages of counselling skills. We are known as ‘helpers’ on the first level, so mustn’t get beyond our station. At the moment we are a small group of mixed ages, me probably being the eldest! However, this may change with all schooling/training being transferred online. So no class interaction, which will be a shame but inevitable. Some people may decide to postpone or change their course. We will have to wait and see. I’ve kitted myself out with a new folder/paper/stationery just to help motivate me and get me focused whichever way this goes. (Yes I can’t help myself from having a new folder for each new course I take – it’s like a boost to one’s confidence or positivity).

I hope I can get into the flow of studying again. It looks like we are going to have to do a lot of reflection, self-reflection, and deep thinking!

Study Days

No Gym For A While

Just when I was starting to get into a routine, like so many others I’ve had to drop those activities. The Gym is still open but because I’m living with my elderly parents I can’t risk picking up any of the Covid-19 germs which may be a danger to their health.

I’m starting to feel a little housebound already. I can’t see the kids or grandchildren in case I bring any germs back, so thank goodness for facetime!


I’ve popped to the supermarkets a few times and seen the empty shelves, incredulous really how everyone has gone mad bulk buying. Mum usually gets an online shop but they seem to have been stopped now so I will just pick up supplies as and when available.

Mum did suggest we should eat less due to the ‘food shortage’ (they eat like sparrows) which I found quite upsetting that her generation would even think that. How many other elderly people are also thinking like this, and going without. I doubt the younger generation would even contemplate going without. As I explained to mum there isn’t a ‘food shortage’ as such, just everyone is out for themselves. (human nature at it’s worst).

Let’s Hope The Sun Shines Soon

The days seem to be merging into one and I’m looking out of the window hoping the sun will shine soon. Everything always seems to feel better then and puts a spring back into us. We are lucky to have a garden. It must be awful for those people who are self-isolating in big tower blocks of flats or concrete jungles.

Mother’s Day won’t be quite the same this year. We may all decide to do a Facetime or Skype call or just meet in a big park with the recommended safe distance between us! I’m sure this will have a huge impact on many families in the same boat, but health must come first.

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Hazy Days Ahead – History In The Making

So there will be no dating, keep-fit in the gym or socializing for a while it seems. Time to dig deep and focus on how to spend the next weeks ahead. All respect to Boris and all the keyworkers who are working hard to ensure our safety and wellbeing. As I said to my son these times will go down in history for sure!

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