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Let’s Talk Vision Boards

First You Need to Know What You Want – And That’s The Tricky Bit!

I have been reading many books and articles about how to manifest. How to create a Manifesting Believing Mindset and the art of creating your dreams.  It was during the summer of this year that I discovered Sarah Centrella’s book ‘Hustle, Believe, Receive‘.

I was re-evaluating my life.  I had come to a full-stop and I was reaching out for inspiration, motivation and direction.

In her book, Sarah tells of ’51 inspiring stories’ of people who have changed their life, achieved success, were living their dream, no matter where they had started from.

Sarah herself completely changed her life as a single mum living on benefits, to within eighteen months,  living her dream.  She created an eight-step plan which she called the #HBR Method(Hustle, Believe, Receive). 

The book is inspiring and she takes you through the various steps to make you dream big, believe in yourself, change your mindset and manifest the life you want.

It is not a quick fix solution but one that you are prepared to work hard for – and in that hard work knowing you will succeed!


At the time of reading this book, I didn’t really know what I wanted, or what my dreams were.

I did know though that in the past certain things had happened if I had felt passionate about it, or if I was a bit faint-hearted, things that hadn’t happened!

Like over 15 years ago, when I knew I wanted to run my own Cake Business and open up a Shop.  I had been making cakes as a hobby/extra income whilst working at a telecommunication company.  I was so driven that I decided to hand in my notice and dedicate myself fully to growing my business.  At first, I was working from home but knew I wanted to open a Wedding/Celebration Cake Shop.

However, I couldn’t raise the money to set it up.  I went to the banks, asked for loans but wasn’t getting anywhere.  I felt so frustrated but I knew it had to happen.  By chance, my Mum and Auntie came into an inheritance at that same time. They agreed to loan me the money I needed (which I subsequently repaid).  I was so grateful that the Universe had ‘arranged’ this.

Creating A Vision Board

The first time around reading this book I pondered long and hard what it was I wanted now.  My life was starting over from scratch, I needed new dreams, a new ‘destination’.

In the book Sarah recommends you write a Bucket List of what you want to get you started.  At first, I felt daunted but when you get started it can just flow, from simple to more complex.  She also gets you to write the Things you are grateful for – sometimes we all take things for granted.

We are also encouraged to create a Vision Board.  The idea is you create your dream life in a picture format which you can look at daily and imagine you are already living it!

How To Create Your Board

There are various ways to do this but basically you are sourcing pictures from magazines, online, Pin Interest & books, of items, places, wants and desires to help you manifest them.

  • You need a corkboard to stick the pictures to
  • Cut out pictures or print them.  I created my vision board in Pin Interest first then printed out the pictures from there.
  • Think about places you want to travel to, your home, your relationships, it could be a new designer bag or a nice car.  Think about how you feel and imagine you already have these items or you are working towards them.

From reading other books I made sure I used pictures of  ‘couples’ to help my ‘relationship area’ rather than just me enjoying my holiday!

Put the board somewhere you can see it to remind you.  And yes you can update your board when you’ve ‘manifested’ the current one! 

My Current Vision Board

I am currently re-reading ‘Hustle, Believe, Receive‘ as there is a lot more to implement and take on board.  It goes a step further than just manifesting as in the book ‘The Secret‘. (another must-read if you haven’t). 

I think the important action is to Believe in ourselves and Believe we can make anything happen. (Easier said than done but I will give it a go!). 

Unless you have been fortunate and been living in a ‘Pink Bubble’ all your life, I’m sure we can all relate to having dreams and realising that only we can make them happen!


Hustle Believe Receive Book

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