Freedom – A Pushbike Away!

It’s Been A While

It’s been a while since I last posted, I’ve been in that creative block again!

The last couple of weeks or maybe ‘four’ have been taken up with fear, doubt, disbelief, anxiety, and a bag load of mixed emotions. I don’t think I’m alone in this and we have all be wrestling with our own thoughts. How to take day by day. How to react, behave, converse by facetime, zoom, skype, and the like.

It has also been that feeling of not knowing how to be of service to others, wanting to help but in reality not having a clue how to. I have no medical background, I am not a qualified ‘carer’ apart from being here for my parents to assist with shopping, household chores, and evening meals. I despair at what the NHS staff have had to cope with, and still are.

The Last Four Weeks

In the last four weeks, we have seen Prime Minister Boris nearly die from Covid-19, many lives lost, and the peak of the epidemic.

When Boris fell ill it was that same feeling I had when Princess Diana died. Almost disbelief that someone of such importance could be so vulnerable. It’s that feeling that if they can die, so can anyone!

Fortunately, Boris pulled through and is now back at the helm, hopefully to steer the country forward.

How I’ve Filled My Days

Like many sewers, I’ve got involved with making Scrub Bags, Headbands & Masks for the NHS, from recycled Pillowcases & duvet covers. They seem to have a good supply of these now, and I know many are still working on the Scrubs Uniforms, which there is and has been a total shortage of. I won’t get political on here but there is definitely a lot to be questioned about when all this is over!

Freedom- A Pushbike Away!

This time last year I had just headed off on my travels to France. I had had this great urge to travel & find some adventure, maybe good foresight as it will certainly be some time before we have that freedom of travel again.

I also saw myself riding a bike through the country lanes of France…..that never happened but when I saw everyone getting out on their bikes recently for their daily exercise I thought ‘hey I could do with a new challenge’. And so I got myself a bike from Halfords click and collect. (I did equate that it would be a long time before I did any form of socializing, paying for petrol or gym fees).

Having never ridden a bike since my early teenage years it was a little daunting. The first bike I chose turned out to be far too big for me so I was able to swop to a ‘Junior’ bike. Much better for someone who is 5′ nothing like me. Anyway, still early days but I am keeping in a much straighter line and going further distances. (only quiet lanes and pathways for me!).

It feels quite exhilarating and gives me that sense of freedom (for at least 30mins or so).

Missing My Granddaughters

Like many Grandparents I am missing my Granddaughters, they seem to be rapidly growing when I facetime my daughter. Sophie was 4 in February and lined up to start school in September and Talia is now 8 mths. I feel I am missing out on those first steps of sitting up, crawling, and interaction.

Everyone is faced with different situations and missing friends and family. At least I’m not stuck in lockdown with someone I wish I wasn’t. It will be interesting how many relationships grow stronger or fall apart after this. A testing time indeed.

Looking Ahead

Although my Counselling Skills Course has been put on hold we are having a zoom call once a month to touch base. We hope to resume in September, but it just means I am 6 mths behind with training. Alas, time/age is not on my side but it’s just one of those things. I think the whole counselling body is having to look closely at their training guidelines and industry. There are many people who are going to feel traumatized by this whole pandemic episode in their lives.

We await to see what Boris has to say on Sunday as to what the next steps will be to getting out of Lockdown. I know it is going to be a long road ahead for many.

The normal will be far from ‘normal’……

Freedom – A Pushbike Away!
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