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Scarecrow By Paula Lackie

‘Scarecrow’ – A Poem By Paula Lackie

In the middle of a field stood a scarecrow with a hat tilted high on his head

The straw in his arms fell to the ground so mouse used it to plump up his bed

He stood in the field singing love songs, songs about this day and that

The straw from his legs fell to the ground so a sheep used it as a new hat

The straw in his hands was all lumpy and a finger was no longer there

As it fell to the ground in a great big clump
It was gratefully taken by bear

The straw in his knees was like jelly and it made his legs wobble and bend

As it fell to the ground like a feather
Fox snaffled it up for his den

The scarf round his neck started moving and twisting around in the breeze

 As it fell to the ground from around his neck
Badger used it to warm up his knees

Now lonely and cold in farmers big field he wondered what shall I do now

We could always ask for the straw back motioned the next fields brown cow

So off went “Coo” to visit the beasts to let them know scarecrow was sad

She told them the tale of him stood in the field and they started to feel really quite bad

So they all got together & thought for a while how could they make happy from sad

It’s no fun just taking said mouse to the rest
We really should give something back

So they all hatched a plan to help scarecrow by adding a few things of their own

1st up was mouse, she added some gloves from odd bits of rags she had sewn

2nd was fox, he had a good think then suddenly smirked with a smile

He added a hat that he’d found on a walk
 And had lay in his den for a while

Thirdly was sheep, she added some boots she’d found them whilst out for a stroll

How exciting she thought as she giggled and laughed, laying down on her back for a roll

Fourth was badger the cheeky old chap he decided to add in a shawl

To wrap round his shoulders and heat himself up if the temperature ever should fall

Lastly was bear she was fluffy and brown and looked out for a bonnie wee rose

To hang on his coat and look all spick and span whilst he chatted away with the crows

So off they all set with their treasures in hand to surprise the best scarecrow in town

As they stood in the field and gave him their gifts a large smile replaced his sad frown

They re-stuffed his clothes and added their gifts now he looked just like brand new

It wouldn’t of happened without all his friends and a kind little word from COO

Another Lovely Poem from Paula – Thank You!

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