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‘Library’ by Amanda Bartlett

Not the smell of new books,
But crisp books all the same.
Row upon row of words floating on
pages waiting to be read.

Silence, but not silent,
The sound of pages being turned by
excited fingers,
Exploring pages,
The whispering sound of words floating
in minds.

Quiet breathing while eyes travel across
Taking in knowledge or written feelings,
descriptive lines.

A gentle smile or expression to what
written words have touched us, inspired
or brought a tear,
No better place in silence to breathe in
books like here. 

By Amanda Bartlett

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‘Life Partner Thoughts’
By Amanda Bartlett
'Life Partner Thoughts'

And when you choose a life partner you
are choosing alot of things....
Including, your eating companion for
about 20,000 meals,
Your travel companion for vacations,
Your primary leisure time and retirement
Your career therapist,
Someone who's day you will hear about
18,000 times,
A person you have to sit, relax and be
happy in silence with,
Someone you are happy and proud to be
in their company,
Choose wisely!
A person you can socialise with around
friends and family,
Choose wisely!

We often get it wrong! 

By Amanda Bartlett

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  1. Angela Clapcott

    I enjoyed listening to the words written and read aloud it’s lovely to hear other people’s take on words and subjects … books being one of my favourite interests. Well done Amanda

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