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Welcome to my Blog

Original Post dated November 2018

I’m so pleased you have landed here and I hope to engage you in articles and content which may apply to you now or in your nearby future.

It’s an interesting stage in life and one where we can face new challenges, choices, and demands.  A stage where you might have elderly parents, children who have flown the nest, reached a time in your job/career that needs reviewing or just starting over.

It’s funny how when we were young anyone over the age of fifty seemed ancient  – when you actually reach that age you feel there is so much more to achieve.

We don’t want to feel invisible.  In fact, life can be so much more enriching. We need to remind ourselves we are still beautiful inside and out.  We still have so much to offer, to learn and to experience.

It’s a time to be a little selfish, think about ourselves whilst maintaining a balance in all those areas!

You may like to start from the beginning of my blog, or just dip into articles, conversations, or featured stories. I’ve written about my earlier struggles leaving a 2nd marriage and ‘re-finding’ me, but I hope to evolve this blog into something more than that. All women have their own struggles & it is only when we can open up and recognise them that we can move forward.

We all face Challenges, Changes & Choices – as midlife women we have already experienced so much, but we still have far more to discover.

“The Major Key To A Better Future Is You”

                                                        Jim Rohn

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