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Does Your Mood Need Lifting?

I don’t know about you but I find myself quite short-fused and feeling a little despondent these days. The combination of an unknown future with Covid19, it’s fallout, and just the general atmosphere around me is dampening my mood.

Shopping trips were once my ‘go-to’ when feeling a little off colour, or gym classes when I wanted to ‘let off’ a bit of steam. Neither as pleasurable in the current climate. My trip to Boots for some lipstick yesterday left me reeling in bewilderment. The attitude of a few staff members was perplexing. Empty checkouts with a queue of people to one girl, whilst others stood around at their beauty counters chatting. One girl begrudgingly getting my freebie gift for my two purchases & pointing me in the direction of the one checkout girl. A transaction that could have been done on her own til. Fortunately, a more sensible woman assistant came to my aid. If shops are trying to encourage shoppers back, then I think a little more effort may be required.

I then went into Sainsbury’s, refused the scanner to do my own ‘checkout’, preferring to use a real person. Yes, I know it is all about safety but it is also about jobs and keeping people employed in them before the world becomes completely automated!

The Color Of My Moods

I came across this little exercise from a PLR group I am part of and thought it might help me to recognise my moods. Maybe to be mindful when they are taking a nosedive! I’ve customised it a little for you too to use, but basically you can adapt it to fit as suits.

I hope it may come in use to you, not just in these ‘unknown’ times but also at any time you are feeling below parr.

Print the pages to use monthly, and yearly to track your moods. If you keep a paper planner, maybe add these pages to it. Available to print in two sizes A4 & A5.

Download & Printout my freebie ‘The Color of My Moods’ exercise pages here A4 size or A5 size. Have fun and bring back some color into your life!

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Does Your Mood Need Lifting?

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