Beautifully Illustrated Planner

In case you missed my previous post, here is the new planner available in my shop. It is aimed at women entrepreneurs, but actually is a lovely planner for any woman who likes to stay organised. It is visually glamourous, as well as being clearly laid out with Daily To-Do Lists, Steps To Take, and Self Reflection.

There are lots of graphics that make this planner very eye-catching and anyone who loves creativity, femininity, and beauty combined, will be inspired each day.

Planner Content

There are 80 pages to download and print out as many times as you need. The daily planner pages give you space to write your To-Do List, Things You will need & Steps You Need To Take. This keeps you focused and motivated on a daily basis. There is also space for you to write your End of Day Reflections.

This is great if you are starting a small home business, hobby business or already on your entrepreneurial journey. It will help kick start you into being organised and focused each day as sometimes you can get distracted by outside influences, social media, and what I call ‘shiny object syndrome’. (This is when you flit from one idea to another, without completing your first project, and which I am very guilty of!).

There are also some lovely graphics which you can print out and frame. They would make a great display in your home office/study or workroom.

Never Too Late

It is never too late in life to start a business venture and many women who reach midlife decide it is time to focus on their own dreams and needs. The kids may have left home, or you are looking for new challenges. The day job you have been doing for the last 20/30 years has lost its appeal and you may be wanting to try something which allows you to have more free time.

I started my own proper business venture at the age of 40 when I opened up my wedding/celebration cake business. It started off as a hobby from home whilst working at BT. I then decided to open up a lock-up shop as I was so busy with orders and had built up a good client base. I then moved with the kids to a larger shop with accommodation above when I split from my first husband.

Since the cake business, I’ve dabbled in various ventures and still love learning, creating, and being entrepreneurial……it doesn’t mean you have to earn loads of money (although that would be great). Just love what you are doing and being able to make your own decisions, work to your own schedule is all part of entrepreneurial life!

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